Fort Irwin Directory

Fort Irwin Operator (Directory Assistance): 760-380-1111

Fort Irwin Commissary: 760-380-3560

Fort Irwin Exchange: 760-386-2060

Fort Irwin Billeting Office (BEQ/BOQ): 760-386-4040

Fort Irwin Fitness Center: 760-380-3685

Fort Irwin Barber Shop: 760-386-2770

Fort Irwin Medical Clinic: 866-460-5305

Fort Irwin Dental Clinic: 760-380-3196

Fort Irwin Movie Schedule: 760-380-3490

Fort Irwin Child Development Center: 760-380-2257

For a full, mobile directory of Fort Irwin please visit or download the app for free to your iPhone or Android.


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